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James Greenberger

James Greenberger

Executive Director

Session Details

Positively Electric
May 20, 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm
Advanced batteries remain the critical component for electric drive but are also finding a home on the grid. From mobile to stationary applications, learn how innovative chemistries, cell constructions, and pack assemblies are helping these electrical storage devices reach new levels of efficiency. Be prepared to discuss how this diversity of applications is helping to bolster investment and improvement across the industry.


Jim Greenberger is the Executive Director of the National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries (NAATBatt), a not-for-profit trade association of advanced battery manufacturers and their supply chain partners doing business in the United States.  Mr. Greenberger co-founded NAATBatt in 2008. 

NAATBatt’s mission is to support the business objectives of its members by promoting the use and development of advanced electrochemical energy storage technology in the United States and around the world.  NAATBatt focuses primarily on vehicle traction batteries and grid-connected electricity storage.  NAATBatt is the leading networking organization for executives of advanced battery manufacturers and their supply chain partners doing business in North America.

NAATBatt sponsors programs, publications and initiatives concerning advanced electrochemical energy storage technology.  NAATBatt committees are working on initiatives to harmonize emerging standards applicable to advanced battery systems across multiple applications and to educate the public about safety issues involving advanced batteries.  NAATBatt recently incorporated Kilofarad International, a trade association promoting ultracapacitor technology, into NAATBatt and is revitalizing Kilofarad’s efforts to promote standards and greater market visibility for ultracapacitor technology. More information about NAATBatt and its programs can be found at:

Prior to leading NAATBatt, Mr. Greenberger practiced law in Chicago for more than 25 years, most recently as a partner at Reed Smith LLP, where he led its cleantech practice group.  He writes a weekly column on technology and policy issues in the NAATBatt Advanced Battery Weekly and regularly blogs on the Energy Collective.